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X-Ray Specs

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The Original X-Ray Spex

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8.5 x 5.5  Inches +/-
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To see the bones in your hand (a very startling illusion), hold your hand towards any source of light such as a lamp. Out-of-doors, towards the sky. Now, with it about 12 or more inches away from your eyes, spread your fingers apart. You'll gasp with astonishment the first time you try this, as you will apparently be looking right through the flesh of your fingers and viewing the bones inside. If the view seems blurry, tilt your head slightly to one side and the image will jump into sharp focus. Remember, no matter what subject you wish to view, the light must always be behind the subject, with it, between you and the source of light.



    1. Strap on your Amazing X-Ray Spex®.
    2. View any distant point of light, especially at night. It even works on street lights, city lights, Christmas tights, and candles.
    3. Repeat these words, "How did they do that?"
    4. Be amazed as you see the words "X-fiay" magically appear on each point of light.

Take X-Ray Spex to parties, get-togethers, schools, and hospitals. Your teachers, friends, and family will beg you to try these amazing glasses. They always work and they are loads of fun! X-Ray Spex make great gifts for doctors, radiologists, financial advisors, stockbrokers, and airport security personnei. For over 40 years, these mesmerizing specs have amazed millions of people all over the world.


The following COULD be the funniest joke you will ever hope to "pull". If properly presented, you will have every girl in the room run away screaming, or cringe blushing-CONVINCE the gais that your X-Ray Spex are for real. Do that and they'll believe ANY suggestion you make—after-wards. Have one try them on and show her how to see the bones in her fingers. When she does, IMMEDIATELY take the Spex away from her. Have HER tell the other girls that she really COULD see an X-Ray view of her jiand. Now, "reveal" that you actually use 'em for looking at girls "charms" RIGHT THROUGH THEIR CLOTHING! Put the Spex on and appear to "look her over". BE CONVINCING. Pretend you can see "everything". Whistle or grin suggestively, and watch how fast you clear the room of embarrassed girls. Don't let the boss catch you.

The Product clearly states “A Fabulous Illusion” That means you eBay freaks should get your Bad feedback and Crippling DSR ratings ready for when you are dis-illsuioned by not seeing naked woman with this product!

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