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David Bowie & Roger Waters - When the Wind Blows CD -Mint


Used Once


Bowie & Waters






3.2 oz’s


Mine - B1


Opened and played 051316, Packed for eBay 051416

Cd - When the wind blows (4)

Roger Waters & Bowie - it had to be a hit, well it was rather one of the worse  conglomerations I’ve ever run accross, almost as bad as Ian  Andersen singing with chipmunks or Prince gurgling with mouthwash albums.   GREAT artist bad day - So I am selling it off in hopes it won’t infect my recent ELO and TULL music which was totally Outstanding.

When the Wind Blows

British Submarine

Facts and Figures

The Attack

The Brazilian

The Fallout

What Have they Done

Hildas Hair

The Shuffle

Folded Flags

Russian Missile


Tower of Faith


Hildas dream


American Bomber


The Andersen Shelter


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