Visual C 5.0

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Visual C++ 5.0 from the ground up

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    Visual C++ 5.0 from the ground up

    Your Fast-Paced Guide to Moving Beyond the Fundamentals of Visual C+4
    Covers Beginning Through Advanced Topics and Techniques
    Master Internet and ActiveX Programming Step-by-Step
    Discover DAO and ODBC Database Development Secrets

    Visual C++ 5 has a lot to offer, from sharpened Internet support to enhanced database capabilities. But along with that comes a slightly steeper learning curve. Flatten it— with Visual C++5 From the Ground Up—a real-world guide that takes you from beginning to expert level in no time.

    While most books show you only the basics—or are simply too advanced for migrating programmers and novices — Visual C++5 From the Ground Up fits the needs of every programmer. You get four books for the price of one as you work your way through tutorials on Visual C++ basics, databases, Internet/ActiveX, and development issues, tapping into the most important topics of corporate development today.

    Packed with business-world examples, Visual C++ 5 From the Ground Up will put you on the fast track to mastering one of the most important development environments today.

    David A. Karp, best known for O'Reilly's best-selling Windows Annoyances series, is an avid collector and determined tinkerer. David understands the eBay culture, and uses his years of experience to show how subtle strategy, a little diplomacy, and the right tools can make eBay more profitable and a lot more fun..

    Inside you will:

    • Take a quick-start tour of Visual C++ 5 and its Internet features
    • Master Visual C++ 5's robust database management capabilities
    • Gain a competitive edge as you build database applications using ODBC and DAO
    • Build powerful ActiveX controls step-by-step
    • Create extensions for Microsoft Internet Information Server
    • Learn what most programmers don't know: how to properly package their applications
    • Gather sage business advice for every Visual C++ developer


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