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View Master 3D with 4 Pictures reels, 2  x previews,  Charlie brown & woody woodpecker




VM  group Portland Oregon


Collectors toy



Manuals / Box:


Mounts / Add ons:

4 reels






8 oz’s


Private - B9


5.5 x 3.5 x 4  inches


Notes:  Comes with 4 Collector Reels!

    This viewmaster is in good condition considering that its around 20+ years old, their is dirt in the eyepiece but you can judge that by the pictures and reels shown below.

Television Cartoon Favorites DR-59Viewmaster reel


  1. Television and cartoon stories intro
  2. Caspers GHOSTLAND 1969 Harvey famous cartoons
  3. Bugs Bunny Packet 1959 Warner Bros Pictures
  4. Smokey Bear Packet Stereo Art 1969 GAF
  5. Over 100o subjects from which to choose
  6. Road Runner Packet 1967 Warner Bros. Pictures
  7. Snoopy and the red baron Packet 1969 United Features
                • VM reel 0-3
                                Bugs Bunny #3

Preview Family Entertainment DR-82Viewmaster reel (1)

  1. A Preview of Attractions from the viewmaster stereo library
  2. Charlie browns summer Fun 1972 united syndicated in
  3. Pebbles and Bamm Bamm 1964 hanna barbara
  4. Walt Disney Worlds - Fantasy Land
  5. Walt Disney - Robin Hood
  6. Revolutionary War 1975 GAF enterprises
  7. Westward Expansion 1974 Gaf Enterprises

VM reel 1-4VM reel 1-4 (1)

Walt Disney World          Disney: Robin Hood #5
 Fantasy Land.   #4

Woody Woodpecker in Sheriff for a day B-50812Viewmaster reel (2)

  1. Buzz Buzzard the outlaw is coming yelled cactus
  2. The Sheriffs turning Chicken gave woody his badge
  3. Wood’s fast draw was really Magnetic
  4. Woodys Lariat kicked buzz, then woody tied on a...
  5. ...Barrel of TNT, Buzz thought he was pulling woody
  6. Kapow!.. Boom... Buzz soared high in the sky..
  7. ...then crashed on the piano, woody became town hero
            • vm reel 2-2
                          The Sheriffs turning Chicken
                                 gave woody the badge   #2 


Charlie Browns Summer Fun  B-5481Viewmaster reel (3)

  1. Charlie Brown Stopped the croquet Game to Listen
  2. A new Player zoomed in and a new way to play
  3. Charlie, Lucy and Shroeder devise a snoopy-trap
  4. The Victim raced trapward...But at the last moment...
  5. Then Charlie saw his dog heading for the last wicket
  6. Snoopy Won, This was winning?
  7. the Winner was escorted from the playing field

vm reel 3-3vm reel 3-3 (1)

Charlie, Lucy & Shroeder  The Victim raced trapward....
Devise a Snoopy-Trap  #3  But at the last moment...  #4

You Can’t really appreciate the 3D effects that the ViewMaster itself displays on a computer JPG file, but quality in general is displayed in the add so you know there are no massive defects in the item or the reels, BUT please review all pictures before bidding, and good luck

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