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Under The Covers

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Under the covers DVD in shrink (3)
Under The Covers -NIS


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JJ -


  1. Introduction
  2. Mama Cass
  3. Crosby, Stills and Nash
  4. Jackson Browne
  5. The Doors
  6. Steppenwolf
  7. Cosby, Stills, Nash with Young
  8. Laurel Canyon
  9. Joni Mitchell
  10. Woodstock
  11. Eagles
  12. Jimmy Webb
  13. David Cassidy
  14. America
  15. Eagles - Desperado
  16. Ending
    UNDER THE COVERS is a TRIPTYCH-PICTURES Production1 Executive Producers: Gary Burden, Henry Diltz, Peter Blachley and Brian Murphy  Produced by: Peter Blachley Executive in charge of Production for JVC: Kevin Gordon Film by: Bill Day and Terry Schwartz,-?,
    Art Direction and Design: Gary Burden for R.Twerk and Coll  Still Photography and Super 8mm film: Henry Diltz  Design and front cover car photo: Jenice Heo 

    Please note although this product is in Shrink the plastic Case underneath has at least 1 scratch in back (bottom left hand corner)  and front (center left side), These do not penetrate the shrink or case just some aesthetic issues.

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