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    So This is a list of NON-described products on eBay where I am somewhat willing to sustain the abuse, everything here is sold AS IS but that does not seem to matter, and I am tired of providing pages of pictures and description that buyers ignore, even the PICTURES and I still end up holding the blame, so if you want these products please go to eBay to get them.  I wil lno longer waist 10 - 20 minutes making up details for wuch abusive environements, fetching pictures, descriptions, and handling lost due to bugs has become nearly a full time job.

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Green Original Frisbee disc (2)
Green Original Frisbee disc (3) Green Original Frisbee disc (1)

Original Frisbee Disc
Condition: Used
Weight: 5.8 oz +/-
Dimension: 10” x 1”
Lot: Mine / R - B53