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Mens Large blue performance timberland jacket (11)

Timberland Large Waterproof Performance Jacket Hoodie

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Timberland.  Where the elements of design are inspired by our original waterproof boot.


Shell: 100% Polyester

Lining Mesh: 100% Polyester

Taffeta 100% Nylon

More than twenty years of bootmaking experience go into every Timberland® product. Like our original waterproof boot, our footwear, clothing, and accessories are unparalleled in craftsmanship and materials. From design to manufacturing, our products are built to perform. Look closely at any Timberland product and you'll see that it is painstakingly constructed, right down to the last detail. In all of our products, you can expect the legendary quality, comfort, and durability inspired by our original waterproof boot.

Wind, Water, Earth and Sky

Entrant G11 Type p

Comfort Revolution!

  • Outstanding waterproofness, reliable windproofness.
  • Excellent breathability helps keep you dry.
  • Durable water repellency.
  •     inimal dew condensation.
  • Satisfying performance even after repeated washing.
  • Light weight, soft feel.
  • Easy care.

  —and the structure supports it!

Proprietary three-layer configuration incorporates two different microporous layers the structure that supports ENTRANT Gl's unmatched comfort level.

Specially treated base fabric for durable water repellency.

Layer 1

"Foam" layer with minuscule micropores improves waterproofness and durability.  Regularly configured micropores increase moisture permeability.

Layer 3

Smaller pores in the resin surface enhance waterproofness, strengthen coating surface and inhibit dew condensation.

( TYPE:P employs an extra outer coating for even greater waterproofness.)l

Use cool iron    No wringing     Drip dry in shade      No bleach     No dry cleaning       Water-i3

Mens Large blue performance timberland jacket (8)Mens Large blue performance timberland jacket (7)

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