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The Coming Economic Earthquake

The coming economic Earthquake (1)

 The Coming Economic Earthquake - Larry Burkett

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Peace and Safety

That's the economic news and forecast from the White House, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, and a web of enormous banks and insurance companies.  The fact is that America faces its greatest financial crisis in history during the 1990s. As massive government debt exceeds the total net worth of the United States government, the ever growing need for new revenues will bring massive tax increases and soaring interest rates. Inflation will influence the daily decisions of every American as we seek to maintain eroding lifestyles.

Your Task: Survive.

In The Coming Economic Earthquake Larry Burkett issues a warning of fast-approaching destruction— and a map of escape for those wise enough to read the signs.  "If I'm wrong, anyone who follows the directions given in this book will be better off financially. If I'm right, they will be among the few to prosper in what may well be the greatest economic calamity of the millennium

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