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Shelly Manne Drum Folio 1

shelly Manne Drum Folio #1 (1)

Shelly Manne Drum Folio No.  1 in Original Folder with org 45 rpm LP & Wash. D.C. Stamped

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Shelly Manne

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MS - B24

Notes: Please review picture for fading and quality

Original drum parts as recorded by Shelly Manne, together with his actual recordings of compositions by Jimmy Giuffre, Bob Cooper & Jack Montrose

shelly Manne Drum Folio #1 (5)shelly Manne Drum Folio #1 (4)

45 RPM extended play LP  has FUGUE on side #1 and Etude de Concert on Side #2

shelly Manne Drum Folio #1 (3)


Today, more than ever before in jazz, the drummer is faced with the problem of sight reading more and more difficult parts. No longer can he get by without being a studied musician. Now he must be able to read with complete confidence any kind of part set in front of him.

These parts are published because I feel they will be of great aid to the young drummer, even to the more experienced, as reading exercises. They are put down here exactly as copied for me with the solo spaces left open so the student may use his own imagination with them. I suggest that he try to develop his solo openings by use of the material at hand, rhythmically and melodically. By this, I mean what went on before and what is coming after in the composition.

The record is enclosed to show the student my conception of the part and the liberties I have taken. It has been pressed on 45 rpm so it may also be spun at 33J/6, thus slowing the tempo for easier studying.
The parts are doubly interesting in that the composers wrote in the drums as a melodic line, with rises and falls in tone. When the parts called for more notes than the drums I had at my disposal, I used my elbows and fingers on the heads to change the tones.

The best to you,

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