Some Hard PC problem Solutions:

1) MS and its cronies like to update your computer but DO NOT want you to install wedges and fixes to the problems they are using to Social engineer your ass.  When you NEED to fix the issue they block you with “You are Not Authorized to run this program” then when you Promote yourself to Superuser (admin) or are already an admin you still can’t apply a home made fix or wedge to neutralize the issue, the solution was presented here with credit for those of you that need to fix your windows issues by force, please note using encrytion and cross libraru references you fix could become a flop, if you see a blue screen then you were flopped and missed a double encrypted key sequence probably enbedded in a dll or other tricky places.

mushroomkitten - from a 2016 post

This allowed me to install “program name” on Windows 10:

Windows key + X key
Command Prompt (Admin)
Shift + right click on program (e.g. Kies)
Copy as path
Paste in Command Prompt
Hit Enter

Sweet and simple, better than my regedits and Hkey’s A++