NJPC News letter from over 30 years ago (2)NJPC News letter from over 30 years ago (3)

The New Jersey PC users group Newsletter


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    As A bonus for helping to start teh NJPC users group back in early 80’s I was sent some of there letters.   Did you know the group was started by a group of retired Hillsdale NJ.  police the head of whome was Neil Stewart a great man and friend, Sargeant and Army person he ran teh group as a part time hobby, then it moved to Bergen County college and I lost track of everyone.

    Now this was an Honorable group of REAL dignified Police, Vets and REAL Heros that protected the public, not like todays comedians who put weed smokers, hopeless romantics and Jay walker on trial.

    Its all worthless junk like American so - called Justice now.  So i am getting rid of it,

    Wish you were here Neal... I can use your help right about now!

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