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Multi-Player Mankala (1)

Mankala - African beads game (Multi-Color Beeds) -NIB

Condition of Item:



16.5 x 4.7 x .8  inches


1 pd



NOTE: * Please note the shrink wrap for this game has been torn and re-taped from bad storage, the board is not marked, and its MADE IN THE USA (imagine that!)


A Game of Skill Created over 3000 years ago in Africa
Play with 3 to 10 stones

Set Comes with: 12 Red or Orange Stones, 10 Yellow Stones, 11 green Stones, 13 Dk Blue or Violet Stones.

48 TOTAL Stones

Instructions on game play are on the back, Wood Board looks like its made of PINE.

                       Multi-Player Mankala (2)


  1. The object of the game is to collect more stones in your "Home Pit" than your opponent. Your "Home Pit" is located to the far right on your side of the board
  2. Place the desired number of stones in each of the 12 pits ( 3 to 10 depending on the level of difficulty desired). The BOARD is now ready for play.
  3. Flip a coin to see who goes first.
  4. The first player starts the game by removing ALL the stones from any pit on his side. Moving in a counter clock-wise rotation, place one stone in every pit, including your "Home Pit," until all stones have been distributed. DO NOT place any stones in your opponents "Home Pit" or the ORIGINAL PIT-you-started from. CAUTION: Once you touch the stones in any pit for any reason, you must play them next.
  5. EXTRA TURN: You can earn an extra turn EVERY time your last stone to be distributed lands in your "Home Pit." It is possible to    Free turn. obtain many consecutive extra turns by continuing to land your - last stone in your "Home Pit."
  6. CAPTURE: When your last stone lands in an empty pit on your side, except the original pit you started from, you capture all of your opponent's stones in the opposite pit on his side. Place captured stones in your "Home Pit." A CAPTURE ends your turn. (Fig. IV)
  7. COMPLETION OF GAME: When the six pits on either side of the board are empty the game is over. Your opponent gets to put ALL stones left in his pits into his "Home Pit." NOTE: It MAY NOT always be to your advantage to empty your pits first.
    A. Be aware of EXTRA TURN and CAPTURE move possibilities on both sides of the board. Look for blocking moves.--
    B. Always try to set up EXTRA TURN situations.
    C. Force your opponent into moves to avoid a possible CAPTURE.
    D. DO NOT empty all your pits until you have control of the majority of stones in your "Home Pit." You may have to avoid an EXTRA TURN or make a move to prolong the game.
    Mancala Cherry Wood

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