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Jimmie Davis Sings

 Jimmie Davis Sings LP Album

Condition (Album):







Jimmie Davis


33 RPM


Dl 4495

Production date;



Rack - B1


10 oz’s


1 LP


Sleeve in Excellent condition as seen


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  • (Album) Condition
    • Small scratches, Scuffs: Scuffed Mostly
    • Major or Obvious Scratches: No
    • Looks Playable: Yes - Good
    • Dirt  : Very Little
    • Damaged : None
  • (Cover) Condition
    • Storage Rings: No
    • Edges:  Excellent
    • Torn : None
    • Artist: HAL BUKSBAUM
             Most 'singers "do an act," as it is said in show business. Which simply means they have elaborately planned and worked far harder than most of the public realize to make the best possible presentation of themselves. Through unbelievably long hours of rehearsal they have polished to perfection every phrase of every song, and have generally made their performing personalities sparkle.
  • One singing gentleman is not of the same mold.

            He's Jimmie Davis. And he feels only the greatest respect for his many singing friends who devote their energies toward becoming what people inside the business say is "more professional." But, for Jimmie, things have never worked that way. Jimmie Davis the man is Jimmie Davis the singer, and no one has ever tried to persuade him to change, because we who prize his records want him exactly as he was the first time we heard him. His quality of naturalness is not what might be measured in terms of a singer's "style!' Instead, there is nothing to say in describing his songs but that Jimmie's voice is a gift of the Good Lord Himself, as is his sincerity, and he combines voice and sincerity in the only way he knows how.

            Jimmie is a man so appealingly humble he has never really worked out the soft red clay from between his toes that got there when he walked the hills of northern Louisiana as a sun-tanned youngster in faded, mended bib overalls. When
    this eldest son of a sharecropping father and mother's eleven boys and girls left the farm, it was not his choice to follow any well-trod path that led ovef those hills, but to chart a new trail that was to serve as future inspiration for all of humble birth. First to college, then to teaching, then into public service and all the while, singing.

             Singing and song writing, we should have said, because Jimmie's bond with the down-to-earth way of life is as much evidenced in the songs he has composed as in his singing. In this new album from Decca, won't you please note, fully half of the contents bear the stamp of this very special phase of Jimmie's talent. Lonesome Whistle represents the combined talents of Jimmie and Hank Williams, while such others as Is It Too Late Now, 'The Beginning Of The End and the classic Where The Old Red River Flows are from Jimmie's pen alone.

            When it is said that Jimmie Davis does not properly "do an act," such as others may do, it is meant that Jimmie is perhaps more readily accepted and more adored for what he is, in the deepest, innermost reaches of his heart, than a vast number of those who sing for America's enjoyment today

    Side one:

      • 1. SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLDLonnie Carter-Walter Jacobs
        2. THERE WONT BE A WEDDINGJohn Smith-Bonnie Smith
        3. DON'T CLOSE THE DOORJimmie Davis
        4. THE BEGINNING OF THE ENDJimmie Davis
        5. I HAD SOMEONE ELSE BEFORE I HAD YOUJoe Darcey (And I'll Have Someone After You're Gone)     Harry Harris
        6. AUNT DINAH'S QUILTIN' PARTY   Arranged by Jimmie Davis

    Side Two:

      • 1. IS IT TOO LATE NOWJimmie Davis
        2. ROCKS IN THE MOUNTAINArranged by Vern Adams
        3. I'LL BE TRUE TO THE ONE I LOVEIke Cargill-
        E. Settlemyer
        4. WHERE THE OLD RED RIVER FLOWSJ immie Davis
        5. LONESOME WHISTLEJimmie Davis-Hank Williams
        6. ALWAYS REMEMBERJohn Smith-Bonnie Smith

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