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           XML is quickly becoming the universal protocol for transferring information from site to via HTTP. Whereas HTML will continue to be the language for displaying documents on the Internet,  developers will find new and interesting ways to harness the power of XML to transmit, exchange, and manipulate data using XML Validation of the XML document and of the messages going to that document is the first line of defense in hack proofing XML. The same properties that make XML a powerful language for defining data across systems make it vulnerable to attacks. More important, since many firewalls will pass XML data without filtering, a poorly constructed and unvalidated document can constitute a serious system-level vulnerability. Hack Proofing" XML will show you the ins and outs of XML and .NET security.


    .Understand the Role of the Hacker

    Review hacking terms such as hacker, cracker, black hat, phreakers, and script kiddies and learn how to identify real threats.

    Learn the Forms of Information Leakage

    See how banners, error messages, protocol analysis, and bad designs can be exploited by attackers.

    Build Well-Formed XML Documents

    Review the goals of XML and see how well-formed code will help protect you from hackers.

    Learn About Plain-Text Attacks

    See how this type of attack is one of the most insidious tools hackers can use to compromise a database or application.

    Apply XML Digital Signatures to Security

    The XML specification for digital signatures is flexible and gives users the ability to sign anything from a simple message embedded in a signature, or a message that contains the signature within it, or external resources.

    Apply Encryption to XML

    Encryption in XML provides the essential elements of security: integrity of the document, confidentiality of content, and authentication.

    Apply Role-Based Access Control Ideas in XML

    See how a secure operating system working in conjunction with a secure application provides the most hack proof design possible.

    Learn the Risks Associated with Using XML

    See how .NET security can be a viable alternative for handling permissions, authentication, and authorization.

    Report Security Problems

    Determine when and to whom to report the problem and find rules for deciding how much detail to publish.

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