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Great Country Hits volume 1

 Great Country Hits Volume #1

Condition (Album):









33 RPM


DPL 1-0189(e)

Production date;



Rack - B1


8 oz’s


1 LP


Original paper sleeve included


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    Growing up in the '50's had its musical drawbacks for people like us who have always loved country music. Some of our friends back then loved country music but wouldn't admit it. They thought it was more "hep" to dance to Nat King Cole, scream for Jimmy Clanton, or rock to Bill Haley.

    Take ole Cat-Bob Cason. He had sideburns that were too long for him, pants that were too short for him, and a white comb that was as dirty as his mind. Cat-Bob used to cruise Hamburger Dan's in his souped-up, chopped-down, lowered-in-the-back, fender-skirted, terry cloth seat-covered, white-walled, dual-piped, moon-hubcap-ped, ragtop '49 Merc. But we know for a fact that when Cat-Bob would "peel-out" to go over to pick up his steady, Nancy New Decker, he'd listen to country music all the way to her house on his pink-lighted radio. (He had, of course, taken out al! his dash bulbs and painted them red).

    But before he tooted the horn for Nancy, Cat-Bob would change the radio dial over
    to the local rock 'n roll station so she wouldn't think he was a square. Now what Cat-Bob didn't know was that just before Nancy came bouncing' across the porch and down the steps with her ballerina shoes, crinoline skirt, short-sleeved sweater, and a scarf around her neck, she had just been listening to the same country music station!

    One night when Cat-Bob and Nancy were sitting at the drive-in waiting for the movie to start, listening to music through the window speaker (which Cat-Bob subsequently stole for the back seat of his car), Perry Como began singing "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes", Cat-Bob, caught unawares, blurted out to Nancy, "I thought that was Johnnie and Jack's song." (OOPS!!) Nancy, caught unawares, blurted back to Cat-Bob, "I thought it was Homer and Jethro's." (OOPS!!) At last the cat was out of the bag.
    So from that time on Cat-Bob and Nancy listened to country music whenever they
    were in the country or had their windows rolled up. But when they were in town with the top down, it was back to Rosemary Clooney, Carl Perkins, and a 'whole lotta shakin'.

    Cat-Bob Cason and Nancy Newdecker were children of the Fifties, affected by its fads, fantasies, and music. Country music was never a fad; it's always been here, it was never a fantasy, for it's real. And it's music of the people.
    Our American country music was born somewhere in the 1920's, nursed and corn-fed by Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family. Gene Autry, Tex Ritter, and Roy Acuff taught it how to walk through the 30's. it continued to grow with peopie like Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb, and Eddy Arnold, It's never stopped growing and today it's a giant,
    Johnny Cash and Jim Reeves did what Cat-Bob and Nancy never did. They brought it to town. Through the frantic, frustrated frenzied formats of the Fifties,

    you could hear country songs leaking through. The 10 selections on this album are some of those songs.
    To some this album will be an education. To most it will mean 10 sweet memories of the past.
    A few months ago we ran into Cat-Bob and Nancy again They were riding through town in their compact economy-sized car, filled with kids. They had disposable diapers on the floorboard, chocolate candy on the seats, and country music on the radio. And they had their windows rolled down. So we'd like to dedicate this album to Cat-Bob Cason and Nancy Newdecker. They watched country music grow and mature and we'll bet they'll be able to sing along with every song on this album. Eat you will, too,
    Harold, Lew, Phil, and Don THE STATLER BROTHERS.

    (Album) Condition

    • Small scratches, Scuffs: 1 Seen
    • Major or Obvious Scratches: 1
    • Looks Playable: Yes - looks good
    • Dirt  : None
    • Damaged : None

  • (Cover) Condition
    • Storage Rings: No
    • Edges:  NO
    • Torn : None
  • Side one:

      • JIM REEVES Bimbo
        THE BROWNS The Three Bells
        PORTER WAGONER  Trademark
        WADE RAY Walk Softly
        HANK LOCKLIN Please Help Me, I'm Falling

    Side Two:

      • SONNY JAMES  Young Love
        HOMER & JETHRO (How Much Is That)
        Hound Dog In The Window
        CHET ATKINS Black Mountain Rag
        KITTY WELLS How Far Is Heaven
        JOHNNY CASH There You Go   

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