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Guess who got a Free subscription to Entertinment Weekly in 2004!

 Kept in Excellent Condition Mostly Because it was never used, the DVD is included and is still sealed and unopened!

The Year that was: Janet Jackson was too much bare, Fahrenheit 9/11 made tempers flare, and Tonight belonged to Conan it's all part of our look back at the year in pop culture. Plus: roundups of 2004's biggest celebrity marriages, births, lawsuits, and train wrecks.

42 Entertainers of The year: For his shrewd, hilarious skewering of politicians and the press alike, wise guy Jon Stewart is our Entertainer of the Year. Who else did we love? Well, we were Passionate about No. 2, and Desperate for No. 3. And while No. 7 seduced us with his Confessions and No. 8 made us wish we were a redneck girl, No. 10 schooled us in Musicology.

74 Great Performances

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke were reunited in Before Sunset, and| it felt so good. Lindsay Lohan took revenge on the Mean Girls for us. Denis Leary burned up the small screen In Rescue Me. And Jeremy Piven made us want to join his Entourage. Plus: Brian Wilson's triumphant return made us SMILE.

94 Farewell

A tribute to the late greats of 2004, featuring Matthew Broderick on Marion Brando, Emeril Lagasse on Julia Child, Roseanne Barr on Rodney Dangerfield, John Carpenter on Janet Leigh, Patti Davis on Ronald Reagan, Jack Klugman on Tony Randall, and Jane Seymour on Christopher Reeve.

Jim Carrey: It's kinda scary being so good in dark roles (page 42)

HE Movies Lisa Schwarzbaum and Owen Gleiberman do what they've never done before: agree on the best movie of the year, Sideways.

122 DVD & Video In a galaxy very, very close to us, Dalton Ross raves over the Star Wars trilogy.

1261 The Wire is dark, difficult, and gritty—and that's why Gillian Flynn loves it.

132  MUSIC Underground hip-hop producer Danger Mouse combined Jay-Z and the Beatles. The result? David Browne's favorite album of 2004.

1401 Bob Dylan is at the top of our nonf nonfiction list with his Chronicles, while we Harbor special affection for Lorraine Adams' debut novel

148 We're completely certain: John Patrick Shanley's Doubt is the year's finest play.

152 1 If you ask Clarissa Cruz, Angelina Jolie's Oscar fashion is downright award-worthy.


Ziyi Zhang made a House call that took our breath away (page 42) scary
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