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Emulate! - Issue #6 with CD


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    In-depth guides to emulating the machines of the past on your PC


    Play the very best gam of yesterday... today!


    Emulate EVERY game on the tO most popular systems of all time!

    ESSENTIAL utilities to gel classics like TIE FIGHTER \running perfectly!

    How to run DOS classic under Windows - \ X-Wing • Infocom pt

    If you love games, you've just made the best buying deci-"sion of your life. Emulate! boots open the door to the past, does a graceful TJ Hooker-esque roll, draws its gun and yells "Freeze!", stopping all those escaping classics dead in their tracks!

    Did you know that your PC can emulate, quite superbly in most cases, just about every videogame system and home computer all the way up to IM647 Imagine the possibilities! More games than youVe played in your lifetime (or even probably could play in your lifetime!), all running on your current PC! Stone-cold classics, infamous disasters, sequels, mind-bending puzzle games, shoot-em-ups, sports games, platformers, 2D, 3D, VD... Actually, forget the last one because there's no chance of catching that - you'll be too busy playing Sensible World of Soccer...

    If you didn't know how, you're about to find out. Your eyes will widen as you gaze at an onrushing avalanche of history. Games fondly remembered will mingle with games long forgotten, on systems you owned but haven't thought about in years, all ready to swamp your social life and turn you into a twitching, played-out wreck.

    This first issue of Emulate! covers the classics - the pick of the home computers and the cream of the consoles - but there's so much more we want to cover. There are so many more obscure systems, along with the holy grail of emulating everything not just on PCs, but on today's super-consoles like Xbox and PS2. And of course emulating isn't just about games - operating systems and classic apps are often well worth revisiting too. Emulating is all about squeezing as much fun as you possibly can out of your current setup - wringing the juices of enjoyment from the past. So hopefully we'll see you again soon.
    For now, think of Emulate! as your knowledgeable companion on a stroll down memory lane - just don't try to try to hold our hand, because we aren't that kind of magazine.


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