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Dutch Glow Amish Wood Polish (2) 
           Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk Furniture Polish -NIB


New Unopened


SAS Group


14.9 oz’s


Various - B41


9.25 x 3.25 x 2.5  inches +/-

Metals / Stones:

12 Fluid Oz


As Seen on TV



Made in USA sku: Mis0003

Removes Years of Wax and Dirt Buildup

Removes Heat Rings and Water Marks

Removes Dirt from Painted Surfaces

Removes Grease and Grime

Cleans and polishes wood floors

Removes Scuff Marks


Seems to do all its says from above, the cleaning of grime on paint w/o removing the paint is very remarkable, it does not leave that glossy shine on furniture that is common with most furniture polish but does leave it clean, as well as floors


Substances is a thick fluid that comes in a plastic spray can, which both is impossible to Pearce and just as impossible to spray, product runs out fairly rapidly since a thin coat is nearly impossible to deliver with the spray mechanism.

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