2016 - The Election

We Have a serious declination of our America System that is resulting in its ultimate collapse and removal from all history as a constructive force of evolution of mankind but rather a neo-Nazi regime of a pure fascism and one of the greatest detriment to the evolution of the human species, starting well before this election.

Clinton represents the Neo liberal design to turn the U.S.A into a Joe Stalin type USSR, Which even the Russians know how catastrophic that was to humanity.

The cornerstone of Clinton supporters are victims of Clinton laws, they however refuse to see the signs of the manipulation and make decision based solely on the outcome of the manipulation.  The Clinton crowd is for sale to the highest bidder, the unfortunate consequences of prostituting themselves AND the country they control to whoever pays the most has crippled the nation, undermine our basic Constitution and left us bleeding a million cut wounds with a handful of bandages.

The Main supporters of the Clinton Beast are disenfranchises woman (most of whom aren't), Persecuted woman (mostly by there own hands), Minorities who were sold the medicine by there well played blow hole leaders and promises that individual oligarchies and workers will reap the benefits of the continuing decline and blood letting of American Society right to the end where they can bail out before the ship sinks or that this is life and you can't expect more or less so be happy with what you got.  So the majority of the working poor are duped into thinking no real change will occur and they will accept that marginally ahead of the curve abusive lifestyle that things can only get worse when change is attempted.

Trump is a whole different Animal also under the oversight of the beast, most of his supporters bought the Make America Great again spiel, because as Americans we do see hope (when legal) in our future, even against the odds, but also the live free of die people also referred to as deplorable see a chance to actually Practice that ideology.

The Only way to get our attention for trump was to do what the Jester of the beast does best, show us a shiny objects and like dumb ass chipmunks (what the Neo liberals made us) we HAVE to look.  NOW Upon close examination it is BETTER than the alternative, however both sides lie, cheat, steal and abuse us, did trump attract some deplorable - yes, but remember disenfranchised people keep hoping till death that there society will stop the abuse and return to a decent standard, this includes real religious people, the %20 population socially engineered into the penal system, childless, moneyless and TERRORIZED 24/7 by brutes, grunts or self proclaimed Knights of justice with guns and feely laws to uphold, they may FEAR change but they want it very very badly, Anything is better than also dyeing by the hand of the beast.

Unfortunately it is more than likely that this was a show like the Obama regime to reduce the hate the world now has for us generated by the "W" regime and convince Black voters that change is imminent, but now they also see change is not coming just death and the re-alignment of the next generation to find abuse a more rewarding form of living.

The odds that Trump might ACTUALLY be able to change the decimation of our grossly evil empire is slim however Clintons with the baton down the hatches and full speed ahead, clearly will cause a further exodus of life blood out of America before we hit the iceberg and is in fact a far worse ending to our empire.

Clinton represent Selfishness, concepts of abuse, fear and the false sense of exclusive stability.  Trump represent Temporary isolationism, new rules that de-stabilize the money for nothing groups, and some internal violence against mostly the feely laws that MURDERED a whole generation of love in America, the one thing I do fear is the legal monster might be let out of the bottle and result in massive retribution for the murder of what began as TRULY the greatest nation on Earth.

Or we can do the right thing FIRE all of the Government for lack of representation, Hold a new election for Candidates that do REPRESENT US, and repeal and/or revisit every feely law created after Abraham Hitler Lincoln decided to murder 1/2 of us and planned the deportation of ALL black hewed peoples in America, IF he is a hero to you then you should do some serious reading about him, ask a black scholar about the truth you will be amazed (I was)

My Spin -  12/11/16:

Well Stop Raining on MY TRUMP parade it hasn't even begun until you can JUSTIFY your 20+ years of death in the Neo-liberal Shithole parade don't speak.

70% of you take happy drugs to tolerate the abuse I only eat too much like Trump. and just now started happy drugs to avoid incarceration threats by bullies.

20% of you Physically hurt & kill people, I make a girl cry 5 minutes once a week TOPS ( I am told) and mostly over the fact that she is living in YOUR shithole. Trump Bankrupted a few Noble Gamblers who lost little to nothing and after 32K+ I was forced to retire to a grave which I will pay in years of tears.

Trump hasn't killed or raped anyone yet (like the Clintons BEFORE and after they were elected).  I NEVER took what I was not GIVEN even to my death.

Trump presented his argument like me and said tired yet? Well there is a better way here, out of firing range and Bullies (I will die terrorize and bullied and am in Firing range)

So I voted for Trump in self reflection, maybe its time to try and make America Great Again, or the object of Hope & dreams to be Worshipped instead of happily abused, beaten and run through the mill by shallow empty assholes.  Maybe.