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Conair Chopper 24

Conair - The Chopper HCT423R 24+ Full grooming system.


Used 3 times




Original with Unopened attachments


Retail Store






1 lb, 9 oz


Mine - B30



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Made in China



  • Hair Clipper Blade for all types of Haircuts
  • Facial Trimming Blade for precise beard mustache and detail styling
  • 5 Setting Taper Control
  • Turbo Button

9 Guide Combs: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", Left and Right Ear Taper Combs

      Styling Comb
      Barber Scissors
      Storage Pouch
      Blade Guard
      Barber Cape
      Cleaning Brush and Oil
      Facial Trimming Blade
      Comb Attachment
      3 Jawline Combs
      Mustache Comb

      Conair The Chopper 24 pc hair grooming kit (5)

Not a bad unit, comes with allot of accessories that Norelco brands do not include, I did not need a hair cutting instrument and so that feature was useless to me, however a FREE pair of sissors, comb and a dozen bags and trimmer add-ons were good.

The First one I bought was damaged and used, re-packaged and re-sold as “new”,  I make no qualms as to this item being used - I used it 3 times found it to be in-adequate for my needs and TRIED to cram all the shit back into the box it was bought, did not do the best job.

However unit is tested, the removable hair / beard attachment was used once.

I am selling it because it was NOT a Norelco, when you buy a Norelco you get a real chopper, simple stupid and deadly...the only instructions are don’t cut you head off by mistake, I like my home items to be simply powerful and durable.  This guy has a gazillion things to it, ears, eye brows, noze, beard, hair crew cuts shaping  what it lacks is HORSEPower, it in fact has a turbo button on it, a TURBO on a trimmer!.  In ant case I hope I priced it reasonable enough to move.