Choose from the computer Catagories to see the stuff I am auctioning out.

The Picture Depicts  - In the far right is the Apple IIe computer and prodrive that ran the first BBS, the largest in fact independant american one for almost a whopping 2 months, we are talking 40 megs with some wise guy hot wiring.

In the picture on the far left the amiga 1000 is the home of the 1985-6 BBS, a real monster running BBSPC (or something to that end)

UNEX and some of the EqUiNoX BBS ran on the Sony to the left of the apple IIe, which also crashed on 9/11/01 - and it was the BACKUP PC to the main tower that was twice its size! (now trash) a home made MONSTER Tower PC that ran the BBS for over a decade -  bit the dust on 9/11/01.

And Duftopia runs on the Sony to the left of my chair, the other sony next to that was my spare to the 1st sony.

The life of the Modern Man, yeh and all I wanted was a loving wife, kids and family.