I don't want to be rude but I am getting old and tired:

1) One of the most decent people you will ever meet.
2) NO Kids real of imagined, each pet = 1/2 a kid grow up!
3) God is my master and I ONLY have one weakness
4) I want marriage for family, no pants jobs
5) Agnostic in mind, Christian (best religion) by default
6) I hate NY and, am not thrilled with rest of NEW U.S.A.
7) I will not travel (NYC) or pay for your entry into the U.S.
8) I am funny but sarcastic and blunt REAL Honest
9) Although very humble, I tolerate no US Femi-nazi s&#^

I've tried to meet a decent women now over 3 decades so I don't need to chase anymore I am tired, like I said I am the best thing that can happen to a decent woman and deserve to be chased as much as which is my attitude at this juncture since I’ve asked for an alternative to a DREAM girl for too long and finally made the request direct to the boss, and got my answer today.*

< What I wrote below is from 30 to 10 years old and hasn’t changed much so I may repeat myself>


LESSON: DO NOT make WISHES, CURSES or COMMITMENTS in gods name or even outloud, HE DOES exist and he has BIG EARS! TRUST ME on this, its like asking a teacher why is the sky BLUE, thats a signal for a lecture, in gods case a LIFE long lecture and after you learn the truth you WILL regret it, and may still be fucked by the question itself.

God clearly HATES IDOLS and if he suspects you have or create one you will be in it for life, that is why every morning after I wake up I am sorry that I am still alive and really hoped I would have died in the night this has been true now for decades!  LOVE is a tool of the American BEAST society we live in. NOT GOD.


AHA Bluedevil a woman on match!, its been so long

That was a joke u know, just wanted to break the ice.

Now I will say I am NOT a good communicator, Very STUPID honest and try to cover it with humor when it offends, my sense of humor is also in the eye of the beholder, living life to the fullest means wife, 2.5 kids, white picket fence, and no holes barred and seeing and doing everything WITH the kids I don't know if that's "life to the fullest".  Perfection should be a goal, one that you try to achieve but KNOW you're really cannot reach it, and try not to step on anyone else's pursuit of such as well.

You know who you are and what you want.” or
“You are comfortable in your own skin.”

(One of my BIGGEST imperfections)
Most people agree the world is a miserable place, we learn to tolerate and live in it and establish self views that make us fit, this is a given and a pointless request, the real statement is you are comfortable in what society defines you as having to be?

Yes I am comfortable as a peasant, they get a meager but satisfing life, a wife kids home (eventually paid for) and opportunity to live at pease with bad circumstances and still say “God Bless the US”, this works right up to the point where you are marked for death by lethal confrontation (usually volenteered for), provoked accidental or medical death w/o benefits

“You mean what you say and say what you mean, INCLUDING if I’m not the girl for you”

 You aren't the for me - no need  for the trouble if that's all it takes!, HOWEVER the BEST marriages and love I've seen were exactly that, and that's the Anomaly of love a course to seek perfection and we (I think) Agree to that.

I have never met BOTH partners in a marriage who say I loved my partner when I got married, in fact the best hesitate when they finally do in the spur of the moment and when tasked clearly DON’T,  true about my parents to, but even the bible ays a MAN HAS to PICK (hebrew and greek still I think) the women not even the word TAKE and that was the foundation of “thow shall not sleep with another mans wife” - where sleep is suspect as well - Makes sense now that you know doesn’t it.  IN FACT IN MOST marriages today the woman says I did not like him when I first met him it took x years



Most divorce happens because neither partner cared about sharing time, and married the “Guy I worked with” or “he was so cute” or “he married ME”  Intimacy is the cherry on top of the ice cream sunday NOT the ICE cream or cup. 

I know woman who are still married and haven’t or wouldn’t have ANY intimacy with there husbands who usually get it elsewhere and 1/2 of the ones who do get extra elsewhere.   its actually who will make your life worth living, make it better, and at worse occupy space in a positive fashion.  Get your divorce papers ready now, indiginous marriages are over 100% in most of the country.  Marry an immigrant, your chances improve dramatically even if they are looking for a green card. Thats real stats from 2000 - 2007.

 NEVER asked a women to bed and at my most gruesome phase in life I had more than most men would dream in a lifetime and remarkably came out with no more then broken hopes and waisted time.

I have an extreme pear figure, Honest and God fearing.

God has very few rules beyond what you set for yourself, the rest are tools of Social Engineering and fabricated mythologies. 

 I use to have the Christian Bug, Evil repeats itself, lets hope my decision will produce better results this time. 

My Hangup -  IF I can't have kids, you get a husband with me that can give May be able to you them OR I get a wife that can give me them, if your Christian The Paul bible suggestion does not float with me, if we can have kids and the love is there I am more than happy to die with ONLY one woman, I’ve got one already then two. (there is one of my givens)

When I travel I  want  the Hawaii experience, I met people hung out with natives, climbed the point at point park, met 3 women!.  unfortunately going alone to places is entirely not in my future.  I also want to skydive.. don't know if they will let me.

So you make up your mind, I do not pay for match or any other online service until I see results that's my philosophy, but You can also call me if this message gets through  xxx xxx xxxx , and I will also pay match some money if I should actually meet a nice women on it -  and not a Male nigerian or ghanese warlord.

He was a handsome looking man when I traced him down on the Web, but that doesn’t work for me.