Blue Devil “ Wow Appropriately He Knew!

 If you are reading this I assume I am a dating interest, I do not intend to bypass whatever dating service opened the door, they will in fact get a bonus for helping me meet you, Now I will describe myself as BEST as I could. I will probably NOT be using this site again after a month.

I found out early in life I had “SUPERPOWERS” actually REALLY and guess what so did YOU…..

NOW that’s over and half of you left

GOD talks to the innocent who pursue him (Now at least of you are gone because I mentioned the G-WORD and not the one between your legs (which is another tremendous lie).

We are all Worshippers of EVIL and then some of us are also good people also.  I stole that from Trump or the Child of a large Orange Orangutan based on what nonsense you have been indoctrinated to believe.  We listen to Crap on TV, Indoctrinators, Evils in word and Thought - Direct from the SHI#^HOLE and became happily mesmerized by the Beast and his favorite tribes. BULL^#IT, which ruins EVERYTHING Valuable in life for EVERY TRIBE and Person within.  They live in fear/evil and yet they deal fear/evil everywhere they go.

I asked god for a Dream girl.  That Eve Story really hit home and I saw my imperfections’ growing faster than my Soul which was blemished by Hate and Indoctrination for all the mental & physical abuser in this American Manifesto SH#&HOLE the children of the Beast made for us to live in.

I needed a wife when I hit 3-4 years old and I asked for one and got two answers, one was impossible for my young mind to comprehend at the time but I still leave the door open till this day.  I recall leaving home on my quest for it when I got to Glen of the Rock and even telling my mother about it and when she said Who is going to take care of you and your wife I replied YOU!.  She reminds me of it every now and then BUT I recall it vividly.  Just like the answer I got when I asked GOD the same question, he reminds me about that all the time, not as vividly as he did the first time but he is ALWAYS Honest and infinity is a PESTULANCE.

I said this because this is the BIGGEST problem I STILL have, HONESTY is Disgusting to US all!  Pursue it and you will KNOW that is true.  I have learned to just shut my mouth but many times that alone is an affront to GOD, that is one of the reasons we all clam up in front of the people we love and talk nonsense to the people we are STUCK with.  Thank god my best friends are half deaf; my ears on the other hand are exceptional.


You must be willing to try and have kids, the BEST gift in the world to women are KIDS, even if you are a LGBTQ+.  Just observe Andersen Coopers Behavioral change, if your American even your indoctrination will be overcome by his genuine smile and joy when he talks about kids, it was an epiphany for him!.  And if you think you are too old research it and you will see your wrong and GOD wants us ALL to be happy so he is most likely on my side on this as long as YOU are also knowledgably living or dead on this FACT

- - - > to be Continued E76EEADCEB8BAF&view=detail&FORM=VIRE