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Beginner’s Guide to Digital Video -NIB

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Peter Wells






Digital Video



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           Video production for amateurs and professionals was turned on its head in   1995,  when digital video was introduced to the consumer marketplace.   Now,  several years on, technology prices have fallen,  and video editing solutions have matured to a point where almost anyone with a camcorder and a desktop computer 'can create polished,  high-quality movies. This book lifts the lid on DV technology and its potential.   It demystifies the jargon and cuts through technical hype,  keeping its sights firmly fixed on the actual task of making a movie.   Digital video production is addressed in a linear manner, taking the reader from initial concept to final production:

      Shoot        -  digital camcorders and shooting techniques
      Edit            -  video editing and enhancement for different types of project
      Share        -  creating finished movies on tape and disc,  or streaming on the web

    Topics include a fully explained anatomy of DV camcorders and video-editing systems,  and easy-to-follow illustrated guides to shooting and editing techniques,   leading the reader through the fundamental processes of storytelling to the more flamboyant world of special effects.

     Peter Wells is a respected : writer en digital video technology,  contributing on a monthly basis to magazines including Computer Video,  PC Pro and Mac User.  He also works as an independent video-maker,  running his own production company specializing in live music performance.  He has a strong background in drama and documentary.   His work makes extensive use of affordable DV technology in the production of movies for the web and the creation of videos and  DVDs for retail..

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