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Auslese - In German , First Edition, Hard Cover.

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Garland c. Richmond & George H. Kirby


Hard Cover


McGraw Hill





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2 pds,


Private - B6

Notes: Excellent condition, MUST be able to read German

Notes: Bought from a book sale in Glen ROck, the Book has a library stamp

            Auslese assembles some of the best and most representative modern prose and  verse in German (there is no translation), the works of Germany's most  distinguished writers of the 20th century --  B√∂ll, Hesse, Kafka, Schnitzler,  Rilke, Brecht, Mann, Durrenmatt, etc. The selections are arranged for variety;  moreover, this is a progressive reader: each selection is a bit more difficult  to read than the previous one. Each selection is accompanied by reading  aids --  a biographical sketch of the author (in English), a word list highlighting the  important words in the selection and its definitions in English; running glosses  throughout the selection on the opposite side for difficult words or idioms; and  a quiz at the end of each selection tests the reader's comprehension. This is an  ideal book for intermediate students of the German language who wants to be  able, eventually, to read German texts unaided

Coutesy  of A reader .at Amazon (the worlds  Book store)

Front cover:   v


Street (Die  Strasse). Plate^2 from Die Holle a series of 10 lithographs and title  page

published by J.B. Neumann, Berlin. 1919.

Lithography, 26y2 x 21".

Collection,  The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Larry  Aldrich Fund.

Since change is an essential element in diversion of all kinds, it is  naturally more restful and refreshing to read in a different language from that  in which one's ordinary daily work is done. To have a second language at your  disposal, even if you only know it enough to read it with pleasure, is a  sensible advantage. Our educationists are too often anxious to teach children so  many different languages that they never get far enough in any one to derive any  use or enjoyment from their study. The boy learns enough Latin to detest it;  enough Greek to pass an examination; enough French to get from Calais to Paris;  enough German to exhibit a diploma; enough Spanish or Italian to tell which is  which; but not enough of any to secure the enormous boon of access to a second  literature. Choose well, choose wisely, and choose one. Concentrate upon that  one. Do not be content until you find yourself reading in it with real  enjoyment. The process of reading for pleasure in another language rests the  mental muscles; it enlivens the mind by a different sequence and emphasis of  ideas. The mere form of speech excites the activity of separate brain-cells,  relieving in the most effective manner the fatigue of those in hackneyed use.  One may imagine that a man who blew the trumpet for his living would be glad to  play the violin for his amusement. So it is with reading in another language  than your own.

"Winston S.  Churchill, Painting as a Pastime. (Courtesy McGraw-Hill Book Company,  New York, 1950.)

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