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Adams Resume Almanac

Adams Resume Almanac - Includes 600 Resumes -NIB

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Soft Cover


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MC - B5

Notes: 8.5 x 5.5 x 2.25

  • 600 resumes used by real people to win real jobs
  • Covers all industries and positions from entry-level to senior executive
  • 50 attention-getting cover letters
  • 50 resumes for difficult situations, including career changes, lack of experience, and many more
  • Plus, electronic resumes and cover letters


What the experts have to say about The Adams Resume Almanac

effective resume by organizing information of life experiences. This book is a great resource of ideas for anyone developing or updating a resume."

— Susan L. Beyond, College Relations Manager, Bank One, Columbus, NA

"A must for your job search. Successfully selling your candidacy starts with selling yourself on paper in less than 20 seconds. Presentation is just as important as content on a focused, error-free resume. The Adams Resume Almanac can help you build a resume with the look of polished professionalism that catches and holds a hiring manager's attention."

— Steven Graber, Managing Editor, JobBank Series

" The Adams Resume Almanac contains an extensive journal of targeted resumes designed to show inexperienced and experienced resume writers how to get results."

— Richard E. Francis, Professional Staffing Coordinator, Eastman Kodak

"There is no one answer to the question that every job seeker asks: How do I reduce to paper my unique background and work experience, and present it in a concise and attractive format? The Adams Resume Almanac contains just about every possible answer to that question. This book is a solution, a collection of solutions really, to the problem of breaking the mental log jam created by that blank page waiting to be filled with a resume."

— William Byron, S.J. Distinguished Professor of Management, Georgetown University

" The Adams Resume Almanac demonstrates how to use a resume to generate attention in this competitive job market. Today's hiring managers look for brief, focused resumes that clearly delineate the job hunter's benefit to their organization. This book succeeds where most resume books do not it shows job hunters that resumes must focus on the job, as well as the job hunter. The Adams Resume Almanac takes that guess work out of catching the reader's interest for everyone writing a resume from the first time job hunter to the seasoned CEO."

— Jackie Larson, President of The Focus Group, Coauthor of Hew Rules of the Job Search Game