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 25 Live Silk worms sent as seen






Under 1 LB



Special Notes: SOLD “AS IS” Price and quantity includes S/H mishaps read below.

AS-IS – No Warranties Expressed or Implied
25 Live Silkworm Caterpillars

I’ve confirmed that the shipping method is safe for the worms, 2-5 days expected for delivery priority mail.


Sorry NO Free shipping due to Shipping costs but may come in the future orders,

Please provide Mulberry Leaves for these worms after arrival to sustain there diet, seller is not responsible for any major loss due to late pickup (please check tracking for expected arrival), this sale was originally for 20 worms the extra 5 are for any unforseen mishaps.

Silkworms are the caterpillars responsible for providing natural silk thread used in the production of silk fabric. They feed exclusively on Mulberry tree leaves, and will grow quickly when regularly fed. They can survive up to a week without food, but will quickly become dehydrated without daily feedings.

Prioirty Box will have multiple holes, and will contain amply mulberry leaves for feeding for the journey.  SORRY NO INTERNATIONAL orders accepted at this time.

Silk Worms x 25 (5)

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USPS Priority 13.5 x 12.25 x 2.8Small Packing box (1)

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